Physics Labs

An utilitarian Physics lab accommodates 300 students per week on a rotational basis indelibly fixing scientific temperament in younger minds, substantiating the scientific facts for their practical utility as prescribed by the Bharathidassan University, Tiruchirappalli.

Computer Labs

A total of 100 computer systems are installed in the computer lab for programming and browsing works. It is facilitated with Wifi connectivity , Printers and Projectors for DEMO class in the lab. It is equipped with Air Conditioning Machines and also supported with UPS facility.

Chemistry Labs

Chemistry is the study that deals with composition, properties and the use of mater.It probes into the principles governing the changes that mater undergoes and chemistry laboratory has been given a central and distinctive role in chemistry education. Thus for any meaningful teaching and learning of chemistry to take place. An utilization of chemistry lab resources in terms of apparatus , equipments, salts ,reagents, materials , acids and bases. for 200 UG students and 20 PG students per week on a rotational basis. We are maintaining all safety measures required for chemistry lab.

Language Labs


1. To provide students platform to enhance English language skills and to practice soft skills. 2. To develop the students communication skills. 3. To emphasize the need of English in the technical world.