About B.Sc Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is a core field that is rapidly growing in the fast-changing world and powering for great industrial revolution.

Bachelor of Science in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning is a three-year undergraduate course which deals with computer science and computer applications. The course imparts knowledge about different computer applications and how to solve and address the problems which arise from a computer and its applications. The course includes subjects such as core programming languages Python, R-programming, Java and C++, data structure, networking, Machine learning and others. B.Sc.,(AI & ML) provides various opportunities to the students who wish to pursue their career in IT software and Research industries.

Upon successful completion of the Bachelor of Science in Physics, any graduate student may opt for a Higher degree like M.Sc Physics, M.Phil Physics, M.Sc. Applied Physics, M.Sc.+ PhD (Physics and Astrophysics) or MBA. They may also pursue a career in the fields of Teaching, R&D, Aerospace, manufacturing, engineering, and more.

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