About B.Sc Computer Science

B.Sc in Computer Science is a three-year undergraduate degree course that deals with the principles and applications of the computer. The main agenda of the degree course is the technical implementation of computers and computer systems. Students in the three-year degree course undertake various term papers, practical sessions and learning theoretical foundations of the computer.

With the widespread of technological advancements, the demand for computer professionals is on the rise. In various institutes, this course is also available as a part-time, correspondence and dual degree course.

B.Sc in Computer Science makes students job ready to work with numerous IT and software companies as it focuses on computing methods, programming, and database. Students during the three-year programme study wide range of subjects such as operating system, number system and codes, control structures, arrays, and functions.

Career Options and Job Prospects

Future Scope

The job profiles offered to a B.Sc Computer Science graduate are:

• IT Consultant

• Network Engineer

• IT Support Analyst

• Web Designer

• Technical Sales Representative

• Software Developer

• Systems Analyst

• Applications Analyst

• Quality Assurance Analyst

• System Administrator

• Strategic Information Planner

• Hardware Specialist

• Software Specialist

• Network Expert

• Information Architect

• Information Security Coordinator

• Computer Support Specialist