About B.Sc IT

The programme of B.Sc in Information Technology is an undergraduate course pertaining strictly to the field of Information Technology (IT). The demand and importance of IT are inevitable and thousands of students take admission to the various IT courses in every academic cycle. Information Technology is a technical field which offers several job opportunities at different levels. B.Sc in IT is a course which is essentially about processing, storing, securing, and managing information.

As a course, B.Sc in Information Technology enables students to learn and understand the basics of IT while also giving them practical training them regarding its application. B.Sc in IT is a programme which entails both theoretical and practical learning and provides several job opportunities to students. Candidates can also pursue higher education courses in the same area if they wish to delve deeper into the field of Information Technology.

Career Options and Job Prospects

Future Scope

The job profiles offered to a B.Sc Computer Science graduate are:

• IT Consultant

• Network Engineer

• IT Support Analyst

• Web Designer

• Technical Sales Representative

• Software Developer

• Systems Analyst

• Applications Analyst

• Quality Assurance Analyst

• System Administrator

• Strategic Information Planner

• Hardware Specialist

• Software Specialist

• Network Expert

• Information Architect

• Information Security Coordinator

• Computer Support Specialist