About B.Sc Physics

Bachelor of Science in Physics or BSc Physics is a 3 year undergraduate course, which deals with the nuances of Physics and its various properties. The curriculum is divided into 6 semesters, spanning over three years. It includes the specialized scientific study of Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry in detail.

• Bachelor of Science in Physics or BSc Physics course provides foundation knowledge for a science-based career.

• It deals with developing scientific skills and creative thinking skills amongst the students and the power. It provides a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of Physics and mathematical concepts, through various theory subjects and practical sessions.

• Some of the BSc Physics subjects such as Thermodynamics, Force, Friction, Harmonic Motion, Inertia, velocity, electricity, etc are directly related to real-life learning and are learned through physics practical’s.

Upon successful completion of the Bachelor of Science in Physics, any graduate student may opt for a Higher degree like M.Sc Physics, M.Phil Physics, M.Sc. Applied Physics, M.Sc.+ PhD (Physics and Astrophysics) or MBA. They may also pursue a career in the fields of Teaching, R&D, Aerospace, manufacturing, engineering, and more.

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