About B.A English

B.A. English is a 3-year undergraduate course dealing with the various nuances of English as a language, both written and spoken. It is excellent preparation for careers in teaching, media, and advertising, writing, and publishing

The program aims to introduce a wide range of Literatures in English. In the primary phase, Bachelor of Arts course has the aim to offer the opportunity for students to be able to respond and read novels of the large spectrum, play and create poetry with associated genres.

At a secondary level, the students will be exposed to wider socio-cultural and political issues in relation to contemporary English Literature. This program in English will be serving as an excellent foundation for students who want to do a very deep study.

Career Prospects

B.A. English: Jobs

Media and Journalism

Publishing Industry

Teaching & Research

Advertising & Marketing


Hospitality Industry


Technical Writers

Content Developers

Through studying English you will develop a set of flexible interpersonal and professional skills that ensure you remain agile and able to take on future opportunities.