About M.Phil Computer Science

M. Phil. Computer Science is a 1 year post graduate program which is aimed at developing skilled professionals and contribute to the IT sector with excellence and ingenuity. The basic eligibility of the course a post graduate degree in Computer Science discipline from a recognized university.
The course has specialization areas in the field of computer science, which the students can choose for research depending upon their area of interest. It has scientific and rigorously detailed study about all domains of computer science including software, hardware and networks.

What is M. Phil. Computer Science about?

M. Phil. Computer Science is a program that aims at preparing students to be able to tackle technical issues prevailing in the competitive world of computer science and information technology. Students pursuing this course show ability in the critical evaluation of research techniques and methodologies. The program focuses on a broad vision of philosophical approach in Computer Science and IT which covers various areas of specialization which students can chose according to their area of interest. The training provided help student increase their potential and increase their CTC. Deep understanding of the trends going on in the Computer science industry is another objective of the course.

Who should opt for M. Phil. Computer Science?

Students who have keen interest in developing strong analytical and synthesizing skills with innovative and creative thinking must opt for this course as it can prove to be the right choice for them. Those who have an ability to anticipate the need for information and identify technical problems and troubleshoot them can opt for this course as well. An instinct for being a part of strong scientific and technical community, this course is a must. For students who are interested in advance learning and research in any field of computer application, M. Phil. Computer Science can prove to be beneficial.

Academic Options after M. Phil. Computer Science

After completing M. Phil. Computer Science successfully, students can go for Ph. D. in Computer Science or Computer Application programs.