About M.Sc Chemistry

MSc Chemistry or Master of Science in Chemistry is a career-oriented postgraduate course of 2 years. The course is specially curated for the students willing to gain a more powerful grip over the areas of chemical reactions and chemical composition of substances.

MSc Chemistry: What is it about?

Following are the points to help students know what MSc Chemistry is all about. • MSc Chemistry is a science which deals with the properties of matter and is concerned with the composition, behaviour, structure, and properties of matter. • It is also about the changes matter undergoes during chemical reactions. • There are several MSc Chemistry branches like physical chemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, and biochemistry. • Master of Science in chemistry being an advanced level course allows students to explore any of its branches in utmost detail. All the branches are interlinked to each other. • Some of the learning areas of the course include nanomaterials, corrosion science, analytical chemistry, liquid chromatography and spectrometry. • By focussing on topics like atomic structure, organic chemistry, molecular chemistry, application of computers in chemistry, etc, Msc Chemistry courses make students industry worthy.

Jobs and Career Options

There is a wide MSc Chemistry scope for graduates in the Pharma industry, Research labs, Laboratories, Medical Colleges, etc. The average salary earned by such postgraduates ranges between INR 4 to 10 Lakhs. Some of the major MSc Chemistry jobs offered to these professionals are:

• Chemist

• Teacher

• Pharmaceutical Sales Executive

• Synthetic Lab Scientist

• Research Officer (Chemistry/ Biochemistry)

• Solid State Chemistry Expert

• Analytical Specialist

After successful completion of this course, one can choose to engage in research work, can practise as a scientist and can even turn to the education sector in search of employment.
Students can also consider pursuing a higher degree after completing MSc Chemistry courses. An M.Phil and a Ph.D. in Chemistry are the two most popular choices of the students for higher studies.

M.Phil in Chemistry: M.Phil. Chemistry is a 1 year full-time postgraduate philosophy course in chemistry. It revolves around the properties of matter, structure, behavior, and composition, as well as changes it undergoes during chemical reactions.

Ph.D in Chemistry: Ph.D. in Chemistry is a 3-year doctorate course in chemistry. A doctorate degree in Chemistry will enable one to keep expanding their knowledge and provide research training as well. Candidates having completed their master’s degree and M.Phil can apply for a Ph.D.