About M.Sc Maths

M.Sc., Mathematics is a 2 year post graduate academic degree course offered to those graduates who have successfully completed a programme in Mathematics. M.Sc., in Mathematics course is one of the best courses for those who want to enhance their awareness regarding Mathematical Advance concepts and its applications.

MSc Maths: What is it about?

The M.Sc., Mathematics syllabus includes Algebra, Real Analysis, Advance Calculus, Differential Geometry, Advance Differential Equations (ODE & PDE), Graph Theory, Complex Analysis, Topology, etc. • Master of Science in Mathematics which is abbreviated as M.Sc., Mathematics is a P.G. programme aiming to help the students to foray in the Science world. • Master degree programme will meet the needs of academic and Research, Institutions and Industries. • Students may acquire depth knowledge in Algebra, Analysis, Topology, Optimization Techniques and Grapy Theory which will motivate the students to go for higher studies / Research in Mathematics. • Inculcate critical thinking to carry our scientific investigation objectively without being biased with preconceived ideas • Prepare students for pursuing research or careers in Mathematical sciences and applied fields. • Equip the student with skills to analyze problems, formulate a hypothesis, evaluate and validate results, and draw reasonable conclusions thereof.

Jobs and Career Options

• Proceed higher studies and become an academician such as professors etc.,

• Be a scientific officer on ISRO, DRDO.

• Play a big role in information and Communication Technology.

• Be a Quantitative Risk Analyst

• Become a crypto-engineer.

• Be a professional in investment banking.

• Can clear any competitive examination and become a state or Central government employee