Programme Outcomes

P O1: Enhancing the horizon of knowledge so as to enable the learners to carry out qualitative research and pursue academic or professional careers.

P O2: Developing problem analysis skills and knowledge and applying the same in real life situation. Using research knowledge and aptitude acquired in the course of study for solving socially relevant problems.

P O3: Understanding the role and applicability of knowledge acquired in the context of society, environment and sustainable development sticking on to the ethics and values.

P O4: Developing effective communication skills and ability to work in teams by strengthening group Dynamics.

P O5: Fostering ability to engage in life- long learning, demonstrating empathetic social concern, contributing to the development of nation, by making sure of awareness gained on various issues.


PS O1: Inculcating managerial skills and theoretical knowledge for managing business units with special focus on functional areas of business and management.

PS O2: Imparting advanced accounting knowledge and skills and provide awareness regarding latest developments in the field of accounting and enabling learners to acquire advanced theoretical knowledge on research methods and techniques and also developing capabilities in the application of research in solving business related problems.

PS O3: Acquisition of expertise in specialized fields like finance, taxation, marketing, quality management, management and information technology and learner to pursue career in professional areas of commerce and management such as financial services, consultancy etc.